Forest Guard Ambassadors Present at Bright Green

December 11-13, 2009

Bright Green, Copenhagen - Denmark

Andrew, Alejandro, and Coach Heidi went to Copenhagen, Denmark, as guests of SONY to present the Forest Guard system to the world. At the Bright Green Exhibition held simultaneously with the global climate summit (COP 15) they explained Forest Guard and talked about the system. They met with dignitaries, ambassadors, princes, princesses, philanthropists, business magnates, and politicians - explaining the system, and talking about their experiences. The story from Andrew & Alejandro are below, and more photos are in the rest of the article.

Alejandro, Andrew and Morgan David in front of the Forest Guard Display at the SONY Booth

Forest Guard Ambassadors present to Royalty

Bright Green - Copenhagen, DK

All Photos by H.Buck - used by permission

Alejandro & Andrew outside Bright Green

 The Forum

Where the exhibition: "Bright Green" was held.



Second floor looking down at the exhibit floor.

The SONY Booth is in the foreground in Bright Green


Alejandro and Andrew explain the  Forest Guard system to Dean Kamen  

Alejandro, Coach Heidi, Andrew, Dean Kamen (founder of FIRST) and Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen (owner of LEGO)

Ledina Hido and Morgan David of SONY,

showing live feed from the Forest Guard camera!

Eva Bjorling - Secretary of Commerce - Sweden

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

Alejandro and Andrew


John Holdren, Science Advisor for President Obama

listens as Alejandro and Andrew explain the Forest Guard system.

Alejandro riding a Segway!

(Thank you Dean Kamen!)

Matt Farrar (Naked Communication), John Keitel , Richard Small (SONY)

with Alejandro and Andrew in Tivoli!

Coach Heidi in front of the Black Diamond, Copenhagen

Andrew buying the rest of the team postcards

(with John Keitel filming)


Notes from Andrew & Alejandro:

Alejandro, Coach Heidi and I went to present Forest Guard at the Bright Green Climate Tradeshow. We were based at the SONY booth and some of the coolest things were getting to meet several amazing people ( and especially riding a Segway!!!Smile)

I enjoyed meeting Dean Kamen, the founder of FIRST and the inventor of the Segway (thumbs up!!!), the insulin pump, an energy effecient water purifier, and many other astounding inventions. Meeting with him and the owner of LEGO® was very interesting and they were very excited about Forest Guard and FIRST.

We also got to meet a trio of royals: Prince Frederik of Denmark, Prince Haakon of Norway, and Princess Victoria of Sweden. They were nice and they all showed interest in our idea. Both Princes had been to Tahoe (and skiied), so they understood where we were putting the Forest Guard Cameras and how they would help.

We also met the science advisor for President Obama. He likewise was impressed with the idea and realized that good ideas often come from middle school kids, because they are still imaginative but are not too outrageous with wacky ideas which younger kids might entertain.

This was an interesting trip and I enjoyed meeting all of these amazing people.

- Andrew


In December, Andrew, Heidi, and I traveled to Denmark for the Bright Green event, during the COP15 Climate Summit.  We were representing our Forest Guard Early Wildfire Detection System through sponsorship by Sony Europe.  During our stay, we had the pleasure of meeting many remarkable people, including Dean Kamen (the inventor of FIRST), John Holdren (Science Advisor to President Obama), the Crown Princess of Sweden, and the Crown Princes of both Denmark and Norway.  Over two days, we explained our idea to a substantial number of participants at Bright Green who expressed considerable interest in and regard for Forest Guard.  I had a great time, and am really glad to have had this experience.

- Alejandro





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